"The Germ Has Gotten So Brilliant"

Friday, May 8, 2020

You Tell Em Mr. President! LOL. Unfortunately, the antibiotics only kill bacteria and the Covid-19 is a virus so the antibiotic is no use.

I feel like, the more this goes on the White House the more people will be dying because every day at least 2,000+ Americans are dying. While the politicians are squabbling on how much money to steal from the US Treasury like 3rd World governments, the average Joe is dying. May God Bless Us All.

How Fasting Can Help Prevent Cancer

Monday, October 14, 2019

Cancer is such a life-changing, deteriorating disease. It affects the individual's way of life, mental health, the individual's family, their finances, in addition to the person's physical health.

Let's Talk About Cells
The human body generates cells every day and it kills cells every day (apoptosis). Cells that have a defect are pre-programmed to die because they won't be able to work properly. What if a cell that should be programmed to die does not die, then we got ourselves a problem. That cell will duplicate and grow at a slow rate or at an alarming rate. At any rate, the duplication of that cell grows abnormally, which is what we define to be cancer.

One of the most common things about cancer disorder is that it generates an acidic environment. Also, cancer cells need energy and it feeds off of glucose (the body's sugar energy source), to grow. You wonder why people with cancer do not gain weight, instead, they lose weight; cancer redirects the body's energy to itself, which enables it to grow.

How is Fasting Good For You
Fasting is a common practice in many religions: Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity. Fasting is also practiced among bodybuilders because it triggers internal growth-hormone production for the promotion of lean muscle growth and fat reduction. Fasting also helps put your body in an alkaline state (alkaline state is better than putting your body in an acidic state).

How Can Fasting Help Prevent Cancer
By understanding the pathophysiology of cancer, one can basically figure out how to prevent it from developing. Keep in mind, this information does not substitute the official consultation of a licensed physician. Moving on, cancer metabolism creates an acidic environment, but the body should be in a slightly more alkaline state to be healthy. Cancer cells, like most cells, get their energy from glucose or glycogen (the storage form of glucose). When a person fasts, the body’s glucose gets depleted, the body turns to ketones for energy, because the body needs a constant supply of energy to survive, especially the brain. Cancer, on the other hand, cannot use ketones to survive, hence it won’t be able to grow. Also, during the fasting state, the alkaline environment helps enzymes work appropriately.

I wrote this post in simple words, but if you really want to get technical then you can refer to the links below. They are the readings from which I obtained my information.

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Preventive Medicine Is Important

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

This will be my first blog post. For years I have been a proactive doctor for preventive medicine. I always encouraged my patients to take the necessary steps to help themselves from developing diseases in which will lower their standard care of living.

I truly believe that after the disease develops, the medications the patient takes to treat the medications come with more issues. The pharmaceutical medications that are used to treat the diseases come with significant side-effects. Therefore, the best thing a person can do to prevent the disease from even developing.