Suit up! #suave
I'm AJ, a physician who passionately believes in preventive care to hinder disease development. My experience from treating patients in medical residency made me realize that education is the main key in helping the overall population of sick individuals. I had the privilege and honor to treat patients from underserved areas, and patients who had little to no income, in Louisiana during my training.

During my past training, I saw that some of my patients were never educated on how to live a healthy lifestyle before they came to me to get treated. They were on public insurance and due to their inability to go to the doctor, they never get the opportunity to have scheduled checkups. I saw the same disadvantages when I traveled to developing nations: Bangladesh, Bonaire, Mexico, Honduras, and Morocco. As an industrial nation, no one in the United States of America should suffer the same disadvantages.

I've treated adult patients with multiple medical issues; high blood pressure, severe diabetes, uncontrolled cholesterol, various skin infections, various breathing issues, along with their mental health. From what I saw, all these diseases could've been prevented if my patients only knew how to live a healthier life.

This website (Preventive MX) was created to take what I learned from my practice, along with modern research, to help others to live a healthy life. I chose the domain name PreventiveMX.com because all the other names for Preventive Medicine were taken, besides it sounds sleek =D.

Please note that the information on this website does not substitute the medical advice of a licensed physician. If you have any health-related issues, please go to your physician or the closest urgent care facility, or call 911 for medical emergencies.